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August 24, 2005


I'm in training today.... I've been in training all week. I'm in training for the rest of the week, too.... 40 hours this week of training. 40 hours of boring training. 40 hours of me doing sudoku half the time, checking email another quarter of the time, and actually paying attention a quarter of the time. And ironically, that short of an amount of time is grossly too much in order to assimilate all the (presumably) new information.


Ok, I feel better now... back to paying attention.

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August 09, 2005

Catch up

Hey all. I know, I've not posted in a long while. But I've been busy! I'll try to address all aspects.

First, yes, I'm (obviously) still alive. No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... yet.

Second, no, I will not allow open comments again. I got frickin' tired of deleting spam comments at the rate of >10/day. If you use MT, you should be able to log in. (Yin)

Third, I Like (not love) my job right now. I really do like my job... and I can foresee myself loving it in the future, but right now, I'm just liking it. I don't hate to go to work in the morning, and I'm motivated to get up and be at work (most days) by 8:15; a process which is no small task as most of you will recall my (poor) sleeping habits back in the (gaines)ville. My current schedule is as follows:

07:15 - alarm goes off, press snooze
07:22 - press snooze
07:29 - stretch, get up, stumble to bathroom
07:30 - shower and brush teeth
07:37 - get dressed and primped for work
07:45 - walk out door, pick up newspaper in front of door
07:50ish - catch shuttle from apartment to metro
08:00ish - catch metro to my work metrostop
08:15ish - arrive at work
08:30 - start actual work
11:30 - lunch
12:?? - start work again
14:30 - work out at on campus gym
15:30 - back to work
18:00ish - leave work
18:30ish - arrive at home
18:30ish - 23:30 perform tasks from a list comprising: a) eating dinner 1 b) eat dinner 2 c) clean up apartment d) decorate/make more like home my apartment e) play tennis f) shop for groceries g) watch Paula Dean h) watch Good Eats i) Yoga in DC on T or R
23:30-01:00 - make lunch (if appropriate), clean kitchen, perform various tasks whose completion needs to be reached by next day, get ready for bed
01:00 - try to go to sleep
01:30 - usually asleep

So as you can see... i get usually around 6-6.5 hours of sleep. Which is, surprisingly, sufficient. I'm not really tired during the day, save maybe at ~20:00 when I crash on the couch right after dinner.

No, I don't know why I used a 24 hr clock notation.

Weekends are usually comprised of: making trips to Ikea with the Fusters, sleeping in on sat mornings, hanging out with coworkers/friends, riding my bike on the Mt. Vernon Trail, playing tennis, church on Sundays, exploring the city, shopping, or practicing my photography.

So I'm hardly ever online during the week. It's very hard to catch me online, but if you leave a message, I'll respond at some point. You might be better off just calling you. Oh, speaking of which, I'll be switching to Verizon very soon. They are the only company with service in the Metro and with repeaters in buildings... I don't get signal in my office, if you're important enough, I'll give you my new number. Muah!

I'll post another entry later regarding questions people keep asking me about my job/the whole patent process. Maybe I'll make a slideshow. HA!!

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