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July 11, 2006

Long Overdue

Howdy, Y'all! It's been a while, right? Yeah, I know. At least I update my photos regularly.

Life has been mostly fantastic for the past xxx months/days/weeks/hours/seconds/units of time. I have just about the best friends in the world. And the best part is they're all from work and/or are friends of people from work, except for John and Anna, who are neighbors (who totally kick ass).

The house is getting in order. Our neighbors (John and Anna) are both architects, and John is converting the half bath in the basement to a full bath. I'm starting to get a handle on the yard. I'm thinking of opening up the kitchen wall and putting a bar counter there so there will be some place for us to eat/socialize, since Angelo and I took over the dining room to make it an office (the whole dining room area was just a bunch of unused space...). Home improvements are time-consuming, but generally rewarding.

I'm looking into buying an investment property soon. While the real estate market has obviously cooled, in the DC area especially, the value of homes will not be going down.

Sasha just turned a year old on July 3rd. She's a great dog... for the most part. She has a ton of energy, and as long as that energy gets released, she's good. The problem is exercising her enough... she is soooo frickin' fast. I have to ride my bike, pedalling my fastest, downhill in order to go fast enough that she can't keep up. She has some behavioral issues: specifically, she is afraid of people. Her breed is notoriously skittish, and she's skinny and white, so it's to be expected. But luckily she's still young and will most likely grow out of it, and the Dog Whisperer's techniques seem to be working well.

Work is good. I just became a permanent employee, and my job is getting easier. I've been here long enough that I have a pretty extensive docket of back cases (cases that I did good jobs on in the beginning) that are giving me easy counts, so I think I work less now than I did when less was required of me (don't tell the gov't, ok?). But my next 6-month promotion cycle starts this week, so I have to start producing more... blech. Oh well. More money come the new year will be fantastic!

I'm thinking of registering to take the LSAT in Sep. I'm not quite sure if I want to go to law school yet, but since it's an option and the gov't will pay for it, I might as well take the next step, regardless of what i decide to do. I have friends that are on the outsie of the patent system (lawyers, agents, etc.), and they work way more and are way stressed out. Of course, they make more money, but is money that important that you'd work 60+ hours/week, and work hard for all of those hours? Plus, I would have to go to school, while I work, which is crappy. I already have so little time.

Hmm, I have more to write, I think, but I need a break for now.

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