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February 20, 2005

Catch up

Hey Everybody! Woot. yeah, it's been a long time, I know. It was a miracle I updated as much as I did before.

So what's been going on? Finished last semester with fairly good grades. Helped my friend Freddy move to Texas. Started a new semester. Lots of job searching.

Which brings me to my current location. While at career fair a couple weeks ago (Feb 2nd), I met the folks from the US Patent Office. Up until then, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. Well, I should say, I had no idea where I wanted to work, cause all the jobs I had seen so far were at most vaguely related to my degree and often times involved working in a lab (BLECH!). But the guys there were really cool, and it turns out being a patent examiner is right up my alley. Basically I would review patents and make sure what they're trying to patent is actually patentable and that they're not infringing on other people's patents/copyrights. So anyway, a week after career fair, I get a call from them, and they set up a phone interview. My interview went really really well, and while I want to be a bit reserved, I think I pretty much have the job. As long as nothing weird happens, like someone completely more qualified than I comes along (knocks on wood), I should get an offer letter in the next couple of weeks. Woot.

Obviously, the job would be in DC, which happens to be near where Joel and Katie live, which is in Manassas, VA. Coincidentally, Yin and I had made plans to come up to visit joel and katie a few weeks ago. I'm here in their guest bedroom right now. So, I serendipitously got to go by the patent office on friday and see my future supervisor and where I would be working. It was waaaay bigger than I had imagined. Tons and tons of people. The whole place reminded me of being at UF, cause it was primarily a bunch of younger people, and pretty much the only place to eat is at the cafeteria, which is very much like broward dining. Anyhoo, it seemed like a very cool place to work. I'm excited, and hope I get the job.

So we're practically having a mini reunion here at joel and katie's. Since Yin and I were coming up, Tom decided to come down from RI to visit. So the whole weekend has pretty much consisted of potty humor, food, and me laughing my butt off. Ahhh, the good ole times. Am I old enough to talk about 'the good 'ole times' yet? Oh well.

Enough for now, I'll write more later. Promise. Really.

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