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March 16, 2005

DC, here I come

Hey everybody! I finally heard back from the patent office yesterday. Apparently, the position I initially interviewed for was filled by a 'more qualified' person (ha! more qualified than I?? what are they thinking?). But, the guy was impressed with me enough that he recommended me to another division, and that guy (drew) called me yesterday to conduct a(nother) phone interview. That went well, and said he'd be getting back to me soon. 45 minutes ago, he called me back with a hiring coordinator on speaker phone to make sure I spoke English and could carry on a normal conversation with people and that I could recount to them what I thought I'd be doing at the job. It was sort of a short, impromptu, 10 minute interview, which I apparently passed with flying colors, cause I'm as good as hired. All I have to do is fill out some paperwork, pass the background check, and I will be getting my offer letter. Woot! I'm actually pleased I didn't get the other job, because I feel more qualified for this position. Woot!

Now the question is, where should I live?

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