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December 16, 2005

Stuff For Me!!

The house I just bought. I close Jan 20th.

It's a duplex 6 minutes walking from the metro. 3 floors, with an awesome deck. I'm going to rent out the basement and the other bedroom. It's gonna be totally sweet.

Come to DC. Stay with me. We'll have a kick @$$ time.

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December 06, 2005


Things that are different here in DC:

1) Snow days instead of hurricane days.
2) instead of opening the door and letting the heat out before you get in, you don't want to let out what little heat there is in the
3) I still yell "ouch" when I touch the stearing wheel. Just here, it's because it's FRICKIN' COLD.
4) In the summer here, I want to do things outside because 'the weather's perfect," while others say I'm a freakjob and will surely die. In the winter, I elect to stay inside because there is icky white stuff all over the ground and I fear losing my ears while others declare "the weather's perfect!" and "isn't the snow great?"

Oh, also, my hard drive died. Hopefully I haven't lost any pictures. I ordered an external exclosure (somethign I wanted anyway, this just gave me the excuse to get it) to hopefully transfer the files to another computer... I hope my pictures aren't gone... that would blow chunks.

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