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January 31, 2006

Requisite January Post

Closed on the house jan 20th. Painted last weekend. Basement rented, and tenant moved in yesterday. Moving in this weekend. Party to ensue.

The weather here is (apparently) screwed up. It was 65 yesterday. Flowers are blooming and trees are budding. I think God knew I wouldn't like the weather in DC too much, and decided He would change the weather for me.

I was reading someone's profile online, and saw this quote:

"A nation's success or failure in achieving democracy is judged in part by how well it responds to those at the bottom and the margins of the social order... The very problems that democratic change brings -- social tension, heightened expectations, political unrest -- are also strengths. Discord is a sign of progress afoot; unease is an indication that a society has let go of what it knows and is working out something better and new." - Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Makes one less fearful of change, and more willing to accept it, doesn't it?

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