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September 21, 2004

First Test Down

So I had my first test today, in Microstructures. Once again, I'm falling into my bad study habits. You know, not going to class, saying I'd watch them later, then not watching them at all, and then not studying until the day before/the day of the test. But, to be honest, I think I did really well. It was only a 50 minute test, and I think maybe 1 or 2 people finished before time was called. I was almost done, I could have used like 2 more minutes to polish my answers, but I think I did really well. Grrr... when will I learn to get better study habits?

I was sick this past weekend.... only for about 24 hours. I was in bed for like 16 of those hours. :) I knew I was getting sick though... tickly throat, sneezing.... all bad signs. Saturday night/ Sunday it hit me bad, and I was out of it for a long time. Luckily I still had some gooooooood medicine from last time I was sick. Some really good anti-cough stuff that knocked me out for a while.

Anyway, I'm infinitely better, just still hacking up stuff. Phlegm. YUM!!!

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September 13, 2004

Hello Power, Goodbye Insomnia

So our power finally came back on Thursday at 8:30pm. Joe was home when the miraculous event occurred, and called everyone to let them know. I returned home about an hour later, and our fellow residents in the Dark Ages trickled home in the hours that followed. I could tell when each one returned home because you could hear their shouts of joy. I kid you not, each one screamed and hollered when they saw the lights on. It was hilarious. What a technologically dependant people we are.

We still don't have cable... I'm growing used to not having it. Though, I am quite upset that I only saw less than half of the US Open. I knew I should have gone to New York for it. Plus I wouldn't have missed any classes because they were cancelled. Stupid stupid stupid.

On a very good note, I am no longer an insomniac. In fact, I am a normal sleeper now. (knock on wood) Granted, my hours are a bit screwed up, but I sleep really well now. Whereas before it took me at least an hour to fall asleep, and I would wake up constantly, at least every 2 hours or so, now I sleep straight through the night, at least 6 hours. I guess I have very few worries nowadays... I'm over Mel, I know what I'm doing in the future and I am actually looking forward to the future that my chosen career path holds. Whatever reason it is, I'll take it, cause dang, I'm loving the restful sleep.

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September 08, 2004


Yes, I'm alive!!! I made it through Frances unscathed.... the house, however, is a different story. The house has been without power since Saturday at 3pm, and the utility company is saying that we may not get power until at least friday, maybe later. Wooo hooo!!! Also, one of the trees between us and our northern neighbor fell on Yin's room and the sunroom, puncturing holes and causing it to leak. Also, the massive amounts of rain caused the ground to be completely soaked and as a result, water seaped up through the foundation and completely soaked joe's floor. So today, our landlord tore up the carpet and is gonna lay down tile or something.

But we're all ok, and that's all that matters!!!

I don't have any interesting or introspective things to write about right now.... 'life is going on too much right now to comment,' or something like that.

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September 04, 2004

Special Things I've Learnt

Certain things I'd love to say
But yet the words they flow away
The things I mean the things I do
They never seem to comfort you
The way my eyes light up when you're around
Makes my heart scream, hear its sound
But you're the one who keeps my space
I see the smile upon your face
You who knows me all too well
Cast me under your lusts spell
But alas our hearts can't join as one
Because our love is all but gone
But hope in me is not all lost
My heart's the one who paid the cost
I wish you all your heart desires
Even as mine now retires
I've realized the special things some come too fast
And these are those that do not last
Your love for me was one of these
But I no more am on my knees
My heart is gone...
--Shaun, a friend of mine.

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September 02, 2004

Episode III

So this past july, I went to Honduras with my church. To be honest, before I went, I wasn't exactly sure why I was going. I didn't know if my heart was in the right place; I didn't know if I should even be doing missions for God if my relationship with God was rocky. But once I got there, stepped out of the airport, and set foot on Honduran soil, there was no more doubt.

There were 34 of us, and we did a variety of things. We went to a small village outside of the capital city of Tegucigalpa, called Las Casitas, which means 'little houses.' We built houses for people in need, brought medical assistance, conducted VBS for kids, and did some Gospel meetings.

I was on the building team everyday that we had planned to build, cause apparently I was good with a hammer, or something. We had 6 days of construction, and we built six houses. Now, we're not talking mansions here... just simple 16ftx18ft sheds, really. You can see some of them in the gallery. I loved building houses... and it was probably the most fulfilling of all the things for me. We got to provide for families that were really really in need. Most of the houses we built were for single moms/grandmoms with 3 or more kids. The living conditions were terrible... no running water, most had no electricity, and sewage being dumped outside the house into a creek or worse, just being dumped outside on the hill.

The medical team we did for four days, I think. We just had some nurses that saw people who came in. Mostly they dealt with things like worms and parasites. I think something like half of the kids, which outnumbered the adults in the town, had parasites or worms... they all play barefoot, in the sand, near human waste. Really bad stuff. Really needed, and they saw sooooo many people.

Then we had days where we did more church related stuff. We were trying to get a church started in Las Casitas, and a church we helped start in a nearby village, Mateo, helped us with the Gospel Meetings. We did a couple VBSs, and as you can see from my pics, there are a ton of kids... they loved it.

All in all, it was a great experience, and the Lord was really at work. I was proud to be a part of it, and I wish I could have stayed longer.

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