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October 27, 2004


So, I kicked total booty on the test.... as far as I can tell. I went into the TA's office hours the morning of the test, and spent about 2 hours there learning everything I needed to know for the test. It was great. I learned so much, not to mention she pretty much told me what was going to be on the test, without actually telling me what was on the test.

So I just bought the Nokia 6600 and the Nokia N-Gage. Why? you ask. Because I can. After following many a slickdeals thread, I finally decided it would be worth it to get a new phone. I've been wanting a new phone, and the 6600 meets all my Smartphone needs/requirements. Nokia is a superior phone as far as I'm concerned, and I've had a few other brands to know this. T-Mobile service is great. I hardly ever get dropped, and on my trips this past year, there were no times when I couldn't use it (except in HOnduras... big surprise there). So, basically, after rebates, and converting all 3 phones (including my current one) to a family plan, I'll be breaking even, except for activation fees... no big whoop. I can even give my phone to my parents for them to use, if I decide to. Or I could give it (read: sell it) to any fellow t-mobile user. Looks like they're going for around 75 bucks on ebay. So, if I Do that route, I'd be making out like a bandit. Not to mention, I'd have 2 super cool phones, and I'm getting tons of points on my Amazon.com visa card. Woot.

Oh yeah, I had a great time in Atlanta. I just hung out with Brandon and his friends, and he showed me around downtown, etc. Nothing big, just a good time. I like Atlanta a lot. It has a good vibe, and I wouldn't mind living there. Cool people. Don't know if I would like the big city on a permanent basis..... I did live in Rome, a major world city, for 6 weeks, and i loved that.... oh well, we'll see where I end up come summer. :)


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October 20, 2004


Grr... I'm screwed. I have a test tomorrow, in Structures. I'm so far behind. I even started studying 2 days ago (I know, right?), and I'm still behind. I usually don't start studying until the night before. There's just soooooo much information on this test. I'm screwed.

Anyway, I can't wait until after the test, because I'm going up to Hotlanta to visit my friend Brandon and go to his horse farm. Should be fun... I like to ride horses.

Well, back to laundry........... then studying........ then more studying............ woot.

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October 15, 2004

Gross, and sad, but mostly gross

So this morning (er, afternoon), I wake up to go to class. I got up, felt something weird and squishy, about the size of a gum ball, beneath my back, but since I Didn't have my glasses, I just got up and took a shower. When I finally got dressed and put on my contacts, I saw on my bed what looked like a gigantic booger. I picked it up. It was squishy, and felt like.... a booger that had been recently picked, but was dry enough to not be slimy. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was. After closer examination, I realized it had a tail. So I 'unwound' it, and saw that it had big eyes and translucent skin. Apparently, I had slept on and killed a baby gecko. He wasn't more than 3 cm long. I guess the cold weather last nite drove it inside, and me being the furnace I am, he naturally came to me. Little did he know that I had the potential to squish him and roll him up like a booger.

Ewww... gross. I slept on and killed a gecko.

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October 14, 2004

Yeah, yeah

I can't help it. I've fallen off the wagon again. Well, I'm getting right back on it!!! That's right, a post!!

I'm sorry, but the past couple weeks have been ruff. Midterms, hws, blech blech blech. Not to mention all the requisite working out, tennis, and running. Ok, not so much the running.... but the others for sure.

I've also found that I sort of out did myself in the making more friends department. I spread myself too thin, and it's very very very hard to maintain that many friendships. I'm reminded of The Sims where you have to get X amount of friends to advance in your career path, or whatnot. Making the friends is the easy part... All you have to do is talk to htem for a while, then hug them, then tickle them, then kiss them. You get mucho friend points. But then comes the hard part, you have to MAINTAIN those friendships. Which entails calling them all the time, inviting them over all the time, going to meet them all the time. blah blah blah. It's hard work! :) Anyway, I like having lots of friends. Woot!

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